Our Services

A flexible approach to

land management

We provide a comprehensive service, tailored to suit your projects aims and objectives and management plans, enabling your project to benefit from a more natural management technique. Our aim is to make pigs as a conservation tool more accessible to projects throughout the North West.

Benefits of using pigs for conservation

  • They create a dynamic mosaic.
  • Reduction in the usage of chemicals and machinery in woodland management.
  • Improved access for silver-cultural operations
  • Increase in habitat diversity.
  • Excellent tool for Bracken and Bramble management.
  • Dung left by pigs provides habitat for invertebrates.
  • Soil disturbance and foraging behavior encourages natural regeneration.
  • Excellent PR tool.

Why use Conservation Pigs?

We provide a comprehensive service, which requires no commitment by the client, with all day-to-day care, infrastructure, animal welfare, health and safety and bio-security being managed by Conservation Pigs. By using our services, you are actively supporting the conservation of British Saddlebacks, currently a 'minority' breed, as all livestock used are pedigree registered with the British Pig Association.