The Team



Boris is the boss. He's a lovely "little" chap who was the runt of a litter. While smaller than he should be for his age, he helps keep the other pigs behaving as well as settles them down when they move into new areas. He is around 2 years old now, has been castrated and was hand reared as a piglet, which means he loves nothing better than a good belly rub each day. Boris's Mum is Edna.


Morgana is one of our breeding sows. She is nearly 2 years old and is a cheeky pig! Her sister is Morgause and they were named after the sisters from the legend of King Arthur. Her favourite food is acorns and she is very clever. Morgana is inseparable from Morgause and they often work as a team.


Unlike her sister Morgause isn't as cheeky but a bit more grumpy. She doesn't like a scratch too often. Morgause likes her bed to be tidy and will tell us when she's not happy with her 'annoyed' grunt. The girl's Mum and Dad are Charlie and Edna.

Clio, Edna and Charlie

Clio, Edna and Charlie are two sows and a boar based at Rice Lane City Farm in Liverpool. After receiving budget cuts with 3 weeks notice, Rice Lane City Farm were looking to sell their herd they had spent years lovingly caring for. When we found out we decided to support them and pay for all the feed and care of the pigs in return for piglets to work our sites.

The Rest...

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Jack Flusk BSc (Hons), FdSc

Jack has been involved in pig rearing and livestock management for many years, with experience in a wide range of livestock, both commercially and for conservation grazing. As well as Conservation Pigs Ltd. Jack holds a BSc (Hons) in Rural Resource Management and further qualifications in FdSc Ecology and Conservation Management and Countryside Management. Jack is interested in anything to do with conservation grazing and supports Everton FC. Jack oversees all pig management activities including infrastructure, welfare, health and safety and bio-security.

Katie Swift MSc, BSc (Hons), FdSc

Katie is an ecologist, who holds qualifications in BSc (Hons) in Rural Resource Management, FdSc Ecology and Conservation Management and has recently achieved her MSc Conservation Management. Katie has experience in Bird Ringing, Breeding Bird Surveys, Phase 1 habitat surveys and works as an ecologist. Katie has a passion for bats, is a volunteer bat warden for Natural England and bat carer. Katie oversees the ecological aspects, conducting our pre and post baseline ecological surveys, as well as the monitoring of the pigs impacts on a weekly basis and making sure the pigs stay friendly and listen to us.

Sally Swift

Sally is our livestock assistant. Sally works with the smaller livestock and the sows and is working towards a BSc In Agriculture.