Haigh Hall Country Park and Borsdane Wood

Conservation Pigs will be providing traditional woodland management services using our expert herd of pedigree British Saddleback pigs over the coming months at Haigh Hall Country Park and Borsdane Wood for Wigan Leisure Culture Trust (WLCT).

The pigs have been tasked with tackling the ever increasing growth of Brambles and Beech regeneration, as well as suppress Rhododendron growth and encourage natural regeneration. Our four legged workforce will root up, munch through and bury seeds throughout selected areas on both sites.

Over the next few months you will see the pigs hard at work helping restore and improve the woodland for future generations.


What type of pigs are they?

We only use Pedigree British Saddleback Pigs. In the 2015 RBST watchlist, there are only between 300 - 500 left in the world making them rare than the Giant Panda. By only using pedigrees we are supporting and protecting the breed for future generations.

Can we feed them?

Our pigs have a strict diet which is carefully managed by Conservation Pigs and our Vet to ensure our pigs are happy and healthy. We ask you do not feed the pigs as this can affect our management of the herd. It is also illegal to feed pigs any kitchen/catering waste of any kind to prevent diseases such as foot and mouth occurring again.

Can we touch them?

While friendly, we ask you do not touch or stroke the pigs. This is due to the rare occasion that a pig may bite. We also ask you do not touch the pigs as it may spread diseases if hand washing does not occur. If you would like to meet any of our pigs in person, just ask when you see one our team and we will gladly let you meet some of them.

How are the pigs contained?

The pigs are contained within penned sections which have been identified as problematic areas. Each pen comprises of standard stock fencing and locked gates with an electric fence within the boundary. Each pen will also have pig arks, troughs and water troughs were needed.

How will the pigs benefit the woodland?

The pigs benefit the woodland through clearing unwanted species such as brambles and Rhododendron re-growth as well as help create natural regeneration by turning the ground layer over and encroaching seedling to grow.

As pigs are non-selective in their approach they encourage multi-species richness within the ground flora and a multi-age structure to the woodland.

How many will there be?

Within Haigh Hall Country Park there will be no more than 20 pigs at any one time, these will be a mixture of sexes and ages from 2 months old to 2 years! Within Borsdane Wood there will be no more than 10 pigs at any one time.

Do you supply meat?

Yes, coming summer 2015 we will be supplying pork products, check back soon for more information!

If you have any more questions or maybe some lovely pictures of the pigs working away we can be contact on enquriries@conservationpigs.co.uk or via our twitter page www.twitter.com/pigconservation .